Apr 19, 2018

LEGO 21314 - Tron Legacy

When I started seeing pics of a Tron Legacy LEGO set a couple weeks ago, I just presumed it was another great looking fan creation. Thanks to LEGO Ideas and 10,000 other awesome people, the set is now a reality!

Here's a Making Of video for the set.

The set comes with two lightcycles, three minifigs, and a cool piece of the grid.

Here are our minifigs: Quorra, Rinzler, and Sam Flynn.

Quorra and Sam both have two facial expressions you can choose to display, one happy and one a little more serious. Rinzler has a neutral human face under his helmet which gives you another option for Sam. They did an outstanding job on capturing the costume details.

They also did something pretty neat for the identity discs.

They come with clear plastic 'backpacks" that the discs attach to so they can actually wear them on their backs. Quorra also has a katana accessory.

Here she is next to the blue lightcycle with her serious/grumpy face.

The lightcycles builds are exactly the same, just with different coloring. As they mentioned in the video, the wheels do actually move on them which is a great feature for play.

Each lightcycle has a translucent light trail piece that clips to the back of it as well! All in all, I'm thrilled with this set. The only thing I think it's missing is a Kevin Flynn minifig but I bet I can customize one fairly easy, maybe from some Ninjago minifigs. I know they have robes and beards. Now if they could just get me a classic Tron LEGO set!

Apr 17, 2018

Rick Astley in Concert

I went to see Mr. Astley this past Sunday night at the House of Blues in Boston. I saw him last February when Mrs Dex needed someone to go to the show with her. Even though I didn't know most of the songs, I liked them and enjoyed the show because Rick puts on a great show. It's not a huge production, but he's got such a great stage presence you can't help but have a good time.

When he came back around, I was looking forward to going. We got there early and were much closer to the stage for this show.

Of course, he did the hits, some new songs, and some older ones. 
He even covered Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You."

Last year's show was the final one of that tour and things got a bit crazy when they went into an insane cover song medley. He mentioned that because they were just getting this tour started, he was going to reign it in and stick to the set list. He, and the band, did a shot to toast that show.

And they closed the show out with Rick playing drums and covering AC/DC's "Highway to Hell!"

What? You didn't think you were going to read a Rick Astley post and not get Rickrolled?
But seriously, they did close out with "Highway to Hell."

If you haven't check out anything from his latest album, I highly recommend "This Old House."

Apr 9, 2018

Return to Fireball Island

While everyone was watching Wrestlemania last night, I took a quick vacation back to a place I used to go when I was younger. A place a haven't been to in at least 20 years.
A place called Fireball Island!

Only this wasn't the Fireball Island I remembered from my youth. Like any place you haven't seen in awhile, it's changed, but definitely for the better!

 Restoration Games is bringing back Fireball Island and is totally crushing their Kickstarter campaign which just shows the love that is out there for this classic Milton Bradley game.

Thanks to Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial podcast I found out about the Kickstarter a few days before it launched. It had somehow flown under my radar prior to that and now that it's launched I've seen plenty of my fellow geeky bloggers talking about it.
And rightfully so!

The Kickstarter page has a list of tour dates where they will be demo'ing the game around North America. Since PAX East was this weekend, the first non-con stop on the tour was right in my backyard at The Castle, a boardgame cafe.

I got to meet JR Honeycutt, the Restoration Games member who has the job of driving around for the next few weeks bringing the only-one-in-existence prototype to the masses.

I wasn't able to get a good shot from the "front" of the game but you can get an idea of the size here. The original Fireball Island board is up at the top. The new version is much more dynamic, using three connecting trays to make up the board and give it more height. JR assured us that the finished product will have a matte finish and not be handpainted. I still think it looks pretty great!

The game has a lot more going on than the original version. There's trees that can be moved to block marbles, treasure to be collected, and scenic vista spots on each of the three island sections that you have to visit to snap a memorable photo for big points. And yes, the Heart of Vul-Kar is still there for anyone brave enough to grab it!

Because it just wouldn't be Fireball Island without Vul-Kar!

I had a ton of fun checking out the new Fireball Island. I really enjoyed all the new stuff that's been packed into it while keeping the basic play the same as the game I remember. If you're not familiar with the original game, you may be stuck experiencing it through YouTube videos as it's quite the pricey game to get your hands on now.

If you want to pick up the new version, along with any of the expansions (that's right, expansions!), head over the to the Kickstarter page. They're already five times over their goal!


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